About Tiffani

Trained chemist natural artist
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Since 2020

This company was founded on the hardships and harsh realities of life. After graduating with honours and being misplaced and underpaid/underutilized in business administration and finance roles for many years, I realized my science degree did not equal financial freedom. So I created this company to mirror the progression I want for my life – first by taking control of my financial situation, then making more money through the power of the internet and lastly being able to take better care of myself.

And if you can identify with any of those stages in your own life then I’m sure there’s something I created to help you because I was either there or in it now. I have created blog posts and YouTube videos, products and services and even 1:1 access to me because you owe it to yourself to at least try to make your own life better in whatever way you can.



Only the Best

Locally Sourced Resources & Materials

As much as possible I try to utilize resources and materials from other local business both big and small. However some resources such as online training may extend beyond Trinidad and Tobago.

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Designed and Handmade In House

All products are designed by Tiffani. They are also handmade locally by Tiffani.

All creative services are produced by Tiffani as well as any digital designs.